Who is suitable for breast augmentation?

The fact that silicone is produced in many forms and sizes for breast augmentation Because each chest forms are suitable for different types of silicone, such as round shapes, teardrop shapes, or smooth surfaces with a sand surface, etc. 

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If you choose a sphere There is still a spherical sky. medium sphere Or drop-shaped spherical, or if choosing a drop-shaped shape, it still has different heights and spikes. Some people’s breasts must wear teardrop-shaped only to be beautiful and suitable, but some breasts are spherical or will choose to wear a drop-shaped shape. Aunt can Or some surgeons may recommend only the shape or style that they are most comfortable with and confident in.

  What is laparoscopic surgery for? Whether it is or not The meaning of the camera here is a tool used for inserting into a small wound to see more clearly It is often used in abdominal or pelvic surgery, which requires access to deeper organs. And avoid large incisions for endoscopy to assist in breast augmentation. It may not make the wound size much smaller because the wound must be at least 4-6 centimeters in order to insert the breast implant bag. But it may be useful in surgery. visible area surgery is unclear such as breast augmentation through the armpit to help with accurate routing and reduce the amount of bleeding but if asked if it was necessary or not that it is not necessary for every patient to have surgery but select only some What are the components of breast implants? artificial breast bag There are hundreds of different models. It can be divided according to the components into 2 parts: 1. The outer shell (shell) and 2. The contents inside (content), which the production method can be made into different shapes, different textures. and different viscosity

Is the saline bag still available? Why change to a silicone bag?

Several decades ago Breast implants that are popular for breast augmentation are silicone on the outside, smooth surface, and the internal component is saline. But there is a problem. Saline bags have a short lifespan. Because it is easily broken and leaked Including the shape is not stable, resulting in a wave surface easily and the touch resembles that there is water splashing in the body Subsequently, the form of silicone gel was developed to be more sticky, durable, safe and natural. therefore becoming more and more popular nowadays

What is the difference between smooth skin and sand skin?

Breast augmentation with a smooth surface (smooth surface) is a smooth surface, while textured surface is a rough surface. Which is less rough to very rough The reason for the rough skin Believed to help reduce fibrosis, but later research found that this is not always true. Because at present, problems can be found in both Smooth and sandy silicone

Enter the size that is appropriate.

The size of silicone for breast augmentation is different from 3 main factors, namely, individual preference, suitability of breast anatomy. and experience surgeon’s favorite The size of each silicone model, each brand is different. Some models increase the size every 25 cc, some models every 30 cc, or some models are uncertain.

  What kind of milk that is suitable for drop shape

  Although there is no fixed formula for choosing a shape to enhance the breasts, in general, ideal milk characteristics erratichour.

Will choose a water drop shape, which is

  1. Very little breast tissue, so it needs a natural shape.
  2. Slightly sagging Desire to lift and tighten (mild ptosis)

Abnormal breast shape (papaya shape) (tubular breast)

  1. Constricted lower pole
  2. After breast surgery (from tumors or fillers, etc.)
  3. The direct wish of the service recipient who wants this shape (Patient’s desire)

How to measure and evaluate the size of silicone preliminary

Choosing breast augmentation silicone must look at the breast shape. breast thickness and the width of each chest by measuring from specific positions such as collarbone, thoracic bone, nipple, areola and breast base, etc., which the measurement method of each surgeon may be different And don’t panic if there are numbers drawn all over the place. Because these numbers include photographs. will help make the surgery results come out the best. Do not choose the size from looking at pictures or reviews. or from the stories of close people because even though the height of people is the same But each bone people may not be equal Or the initial breast texture of each person is not equal.

why milk is not equal

The fact that the two breasts are not equal may not be caused by unequal breast texture alone. But it could be from the ribs. and sternum unequal Normally, women have both breasts. Usually not equal, for example, in some cases, the left side is larger and higher than the right since the heart is on the left side causing the left breast to be slightly more convex than the right, etc., or some patients have abnormalities in muscle growth or have tender breasts, etc.

  What are the negative effects of putting silicone too big?

Breast augmentation with silicone that is too big There will be negative effects both in the short term and in the long term. for the short term due to large silicone Causing the need to cut a larger hole Therefore, there is a chance to cut the blood vessels, nerves, and muscles more. This can cause numbness, bleeding, and even more pain. In the long term, there is a chance of complications such as stretch marks, skin sloughing, and sagging breasts. numb nipples and breasts no feelings The milk becomes curly and looks fake. because the ridges are clearly seen around the sides and inside. The breast area is wavy like a wrinkled cloth or a curtain, as well as fascia easily, etc. In addition, it is difficult to correct complications arising from wearing a large breast bag and may have to be exchanged with a large surgical wound. Or in many cases, it can’t be returned to the same way again. because the skin and tissues have already been destroyed

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