SpaceX Starship – A Game Changer?

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has ambitious plans. He hopes to send humans to Mars by 2040 and set up colonies there. This would increase the chance that humans will survive extinction events on Earth and pave the way for downstream generations to go galactic. He believes that this approach would protect our species for many centuries to come. The CEO of SpaceX has laid out the rationale for his plans at an international conference. Elon Musk says that if humans fail to colonise other planets, history will divide into two different paths Businessworldfacts.

The Starship could carry 100 passengers and 150 tons to orbit. Musk has also developed plans for moon bases and cities on Mars. The first prototype of the Starship was able to launch over 10,000 meters, so it is possible for the craft to go into orbit by the end of this year. It could also make its first flyby of the moon by 2023. SpaceX has made strides toward the goal of bringing people to space, but they must make sure that they can return safely and quickly Marketbusinessfacts.

After graduating from Stanford University in 1994, Elon Musk did two summer internships in Silicon Valley. He later earned his bachelor’s degree in physics and economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Musk went to graduate school for physics, but he left after two days, believing that the internet could change our society faster. In 1995, Musk started a software company called Zip2, which developed an online city guide for the newspaper industry. The company later became PayPal and was purchased by Compaq for $307 million Techlogicagte.

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