Nasty Tricks that your Spouse can Play while Contesting a Divorce Case

When you are contesting a divorce case, there is winning or losing. Both the parties are losing something or the other. There will be mud throwing and blaming each other. But sometimes a divorce case can get very very ugly. There are tricks that your partner might play on you to make you suffer even more and not pay the compensation you have demanded. In cases like these feel free to contact a divorce lawyer Andover MA  to get help. 

Serving the Papers at the Wrong Timing

To embrace you, your partner might send you the divorce papers in front of your colleagues at your workplace or in front of your family and friends at a social gathering. Doing this might seem very satisfactory and quench your thirst, but it might also make the other spouse take a step that could be similarly humiliating to you. 

Taking Away with you Everything

You must have a master key to the house while you are contesting a divorce case, or might be you have decided to stay together until the divorce is done. And while your partner is away, you take away every value from the house and make them suffer as they have made your life a living hell. If such ideas shelter your mind, though them away. Doing something like this might provoke your partner and they might also harm you.

Suspending Credit Cards

While paying your bills, if the salesperson says that your card has been declined it will subject you to mortification. Further on the investigation if you find out that your spouse has Suspended all your credit cards, you can sue your partner for this offense. 

Taking away Money from your Accounts

While you were married, you might have joint accounts with your spouse. And if you or your spouse came up with an idea of taking away all the money from the account without notifying the other, it could have a poor reflection on the character of the one doing it. It will further affect the course of the case as the judge will consider it fraud. 

Cutting out all the Supplies

A spouse who is the breadwinner of the family is deciding to stop paying for the basic amenities of the dependent. The person doing so will have a bad reputation. The other spouse might use this against them in a court of law and seek revenge by demanding high alimony. 

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