Must-have BigCommerce Apps for Operational Efficiency and Business Success in 2024

As a store owner, you will look for ways to enhance your store’s overall features and functionalities. The leading platform, BigCommerce, comes with in-built features; however, it will be helpful if you have applications that can take the business operations to the next level. Numerous BigCommerce applications available in the market help store owners improve the store’s efficiency.

This will not be surprising news, but you might need clarification about finding the right app for your business needs. Is picking the correct application for your business difficult? We have curated a list of must-have Bigcommerce apps for your store. In this blog, we will discuss that in detail; however, we would like you to get help from a BigCommerce development company before you make your final buying decision and implementation.  

Let us take a look into the top BigCommerce Apps in 2024.

1. Klaviyo

Marketing and Communication are the backbone of brand building. It is important for traffic generation and conversion. Klaviyo is an ideal app to make your marketing efforts outstanding, mainly email marketing. It comes with exceptional features that make email marketing effortless and straightforward. It has personalization features, simplifies customer segmentation, and has A/B Testing that reduces your time and effort on marketing.  

2. MailChimp

Marketing is the backbone of any business, and an effective marketing strategy defines the company’s success. However, marketing needs to be perfect to reap the expected results. MailChimp is one of the leading apps that reduces the time and effort required for marketing automation. It has features that make smooth communication and effortless execution of marketing strategies. 

3. LiveChat

People will love your website, like your product, and might become your customer. But, if the buyers don’t get enough support after a purchase, they will lose trust. Customers who lose confidence will never return to your store, nor will they recommend your site to others. However, delivering customer support as expected might be challenging when you run a large-scale business. LiveChat is a suitable app that makes customers feel they are valued. The app can solve basic queries and lead the customers to appropriate resources if further escalation is required. Customers’ timely support builds credibility and helps you create a loyal customer pool. 

4. Shipstation

A smooth checkout process, shipping, and return are crucial for businesses. If any of the three fails, the store’s reputation will suffer. ShipStation is a well-known BigCommerce software suitable for all sorts and sizes of companies. It easily integrates with 200-plus shipping carts, marketplaces, inventory systems, and other services related to buying and shipping, enabling businesses to handle orders effectively.

It offers instant carrier discounts and lets you pick your favorite carrier from various transport providers. It also enables workflow automation, allowing you to handle orders efficiently to meet specific business requirements. It helps a branded return portal that improves customer trust and loyalty. Above all, the easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for novices and experts alike.

5. AfterShip

For businesses, AfterShip offers real-time shipment tracking and alerts. This app shows promise in reducing shipment times and raising customer happiness. With the help of real-time shipping tracking and alerts, businesses can use AfterShip to increase sales and customer loyalty. Because of its vast network of more than 980 foreign couriers, AfterShip is the perfect choice to offer international shipping.

You can track your packages using the app’s 980+ carriers and aggregated tracking updates. It also automatically corrects inaccurate carrier information to speed up the following times. In-store managers can save time and effort by monitoring 30 shipments. Customers may easily track the whereabouts of their goods.

6. Shogun Page Builder

A visual page builder called Shogun Page Builder is utilized by more than 35K eCommerce teams globally. They are internationally reputed apps with support specialists around the world. Its drag-and-drop interface makes changing pages simple and eliminates the need for coding knowledge. It offers visual analytics that lets you compare the stats of competing websites side by side to check out their performance.

7. Yotpo BigCommerce Stores

Yotpo allows BigCommerce retailers to quickly gather and publish user-generated content, including reviews of products and websites, pictures, Q&As, and more. These can attract new clients, enhance current ones, and boost sales. Customers can leave reviews from inside the emails asking for reviews. Users of Yotpo frequently notice a 30–120% improvement in conversion rate. The features of Yotpo were created especially for mobile devices. 

8. Trustpilot Plugin for BigCommerce

You know how vital customer service is for a store. You can install the Trustpilot plugin for BigCommerce stores and request customer reviews of your services and goods. Increase user trust and compel them to purchase by dragging and dropping TrustBox review widgets into your website in strategic locations.

Mechanically ask clients to rate the offerings of your business. Increase reviewer participation and send out follow-up emails. Encourage former customers to provide feedback. Install TrustBox widgets in critical spots on your website to highlight your store’s rating and boost conversions.


The success of any business depends on the right decision and selecting the right apps also has a significant impact on the business. Companies need to understand customer needs, how to meet those expectations and use the right tools and resources to become successful. Using the appropriate tools for business needs reduces operational complexities. We hope, whatever we have summarized here will help you decide when picking an app for your store.  

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