Investigating the Eight Cookie Jobs in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom features 8 cookie classes, each with its own style of play and advantages. This guide looks at the Eight Cookie Professions, so you can get a better understanding of the skills and abilities of each cookie type in order to excel in the game.

1. Kind of Protection

With remarkable vigor and defense, defense-oriented cookies are perfect for standing at the front lines and taking the brunt of the damage for their team. On the other hand, their offensive capabilities tend to be relatively weak.

It is suggested that one consider the following cookie options:

– Madeleine Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie is able to transform light into effective sword assaults that can reach far distances. Its aura of Guangde offers a shield from any debuffs.

– Avocado Cookie (Rare): This cookie delivers forceful hammer strikes which create a wide area of damage and increases the attack power of the character on the team with the most formidable attack.

– The Warrior Cookie (Rare) is a brave one, making its way forward and causing harm to foes in the leading row while also baiting them to take action.

2. Kinds of Assault

The type of assault being discussed is varied.

When it comes to stamina and defense, Assault type cookies come in a close second to Defense type cookies. But they really shine in offensive capabilities, and their proficiency in close-combat makes them perfect vanguards for battle.

It is suggested that one should try cookies for a tasty treat.

– Dark Choco Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie smashes the ground using a large sword, creating lightning strikes that cause major harm to adversaries affected by disabling magic, briefly reducing their defense.

– Werewolf Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie has difficulty controlling the power of his paw, creating destruction in the area and transforming into a wolf. When active, his energy increases, allowing him to unleash swift and expansive double blows.

– Princess Cookie (Rare): With her wand in hand, this traveling princess brings down a powerful attack and causes harm to a wide area. Her blow makes those affected suffer from a weakened defense.

Surprise Category

The third type of surprise is one that is classified according to its type.

Able to catch opponents off guard, Surprise type cookies have a remarkable attack speed that makes them ideal for taking out the enemy without warning. Although their defence might not be as strong, they are often placed in the middle or rear of the group formation.

It is advised to try out the following type of cookies:

– Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Cookie (Super Rare): This Cookie is a formidable foe to backline enemies, with her four-hit combo resulting in a critical blow that creates an area of damage.

– Adventurer Cookie (Rare): Utilizing a rope, this cookie can launch assaults on adversaries from afar, simultaneously trapping them.

– Ninja Cookie (Rare): This cookie jumps and blasts out two shurikens at once, harming adversaries in a designated range.

4. Magic Writing Style

Cookies of the magical variety are renowned for their capacity to dish out substantial amounts of damage through their various magical powers. Although they have the potential to cause hurt from afar, they typically lack in terms of defense and are thus usually placed in the middle or back line of the fight.

Cookies Suggested:

– Espresso Cookie (Super Rare): This magical cookie creates a powerful gust of wind that inflicts damage to foes from a distance and brings them towards the center.

– Powdered Sugar Cookie (Super Rare): With a wave of her wand, Powdered Sugar Cookie calls upon the Snow Queen’s creature to set off a unceasing snowstorm, causing harm to the surrounding area. Opponents who are encased in ice suffer a drastic drop in their attack speed.

– Blackberry Cookie (Rare): While boosting the critical hit chance of our team, Blackberry Cookie calls forth small spirits that fly around foes, inflicting multiple bouts of harm.

5. Type of Assistance

The fifth point is the kind of support available.

Cookies of the Support type are great at offering augmentations and assistance to their friends, like augmented damage, dispels of debuffs, and restoring stamina. Their battle and endurance abilities are usually not very good, making them perfect for the back row behind Defense or Attack type cookies.

It is suggested to enjoy:


– Mint Choco Cookie (Super Rare): This cookie’s melodious tunes have the power to revitalize the stamina of all cookies in the team and hasten their attack speed.

– Pomegranate Cookie (Super Rare): Red magic is used by this cookie to gradually replenish the energy of the cookies and temporarily enhance the attack strength of the group.

– Lucky Clover Cookie (Rare): This cookie can soothe away all debuffs from the team, bringing their energy back with a serene song.

6. Kind of Shooter

This section looks at the various types of shooter available.

A team’s primary source of damage output comes from Shooter type cookies, which are capable of launching multiple attacks in a brief span. As these cookies have a low survivability rate, they are usually placed in the back row to dodge any immediate enemy strikes.

Cookies to Consider:

– Super Rare Rye Cookie: Unleashing a flurry of accurate shots, this cookie can cause major harm to a single target. Its use also grants a brief period of increased attack speed.

– Forest Guardian Cookie (Super Rare): This Cookie gallops ahead on her Cream Tiger, dealing area damage and stunning opponents. With her claws, she is able to do even more potent near-melee strikes as she rides.

– The Beet Cookie (Common) employs its keen observation to fire off a volley of arrows made of beets at the foe with the least amount of stamina.

7. Explosive Category

This seventh type of explosive is used to describe materials that are capable of producing high levels of energy due to their chemical or physical properties. These types of explosives are used in a variety of applications, such as mining, demolition, and military applications.

Cookies of the explosive type are not known for their immense attacking strength, however, they are capable of dealing multiple blows or area-wide damage. Moreover, some of them can produce adverse effects like poison, stun, or even slow down the enemies. Ordinarily, these cookies are placed in the middle or back rows of the team setup.

Tasty Treats: It is suggested that one try these cookies for a delicious snack.

– Super Rare Poison Mushroom Cookie: This Cookie grows mushrooms that emit a poisonous purple toxin, causing mental impairment to its targets. But this is not done with any malicious intent.

– Bubble Gum Cookie (Rare): This individual expresses her creativity with a threefold bubblegum attack that causes harm to the surrounding area. When foes become ensnared in the gum, their assault speed diminishes.

– Cherry Cookie (Rare): This cookie hurls a huge cherry bomb which detonates with an enormous blast, resulting in area damage and stunning any adversaries in its vicinity.

8. Type of Recovery

The eighth factor to consider is what type of recovery is necessary.

Cookies with recovery abilities are incredibly effective at restoring a large amount of stamina to their allies. However, their offensive and defensive capabilities are not as potent, so they are usually placed in the back row of the squad.

Suggested Treats:

– The Super Rare Herb Cookie can revitalize the stamina of all cookies while eradicating any debuffs on our team. It also encourages new sprouts to appear, slowly recuperating stamina.

– Soda Cookie (Super Rare): With its unique concoction, Soda Cookie can restore the stamina of two teammates who are running low and invigorate the entire team, raising their chance of landing a critical hit.

– Kasadi III Cookie (Rare): This cookie will provide a burst of healing to the two members of the team with the least amount of stamina and will also activate a temporary shield.

In Summary

Those looking to quickly acquire the skills needed to excel in Cookie Run: Kingdom need to dedicate a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, they can take advantage of the Redfinger Android emulator, available online, in order to speed up the process. With this emulator, players can log in to multiple accounts at the same time, allowing them to rapidly complete the necessary exercises and advance their progress.

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