How to Tell If a Product is a Game Changer

One of the most common mistakes made by startups is labeling themselves as AI/Blockchain companies, when they should not be. The technology is merely a tool and not the product itself. A product’s value proposition and timing must align with the true customer problems. If these factors are present, then the product may be a game changer. Otherwise, it won’t. So, how can you tell if a product is a game changer?

A game changer is an innovator in their own right. They are ambitious, focused, and self-aware. They have a unique blend of curiosity and focus, and they understand the importance of helping people. Unlike a fad, a game changer will not linger in the shadowlands. It will come to life, becoming a reality. Here are some of the traits of a game changer.

A game changer is a product that solves a real problem and serves a noble purpose. The product solves a real customer problem, or creates a whole new market. Most innovative business models fail without a nurturing environment and a solid team behind them. Having an outside perspective is crucial in developing a game changer product. It’s important to understand the real customer problem and their values before launching a product or service.

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