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How are signs of aging skin noticeable?

Beginning at the age of 25, our skin begins to show important signs of aging. shallow wrinkles will start to happen first and develop into larger and deeper wrinkles Until the loss of volume in the skin cells and the density of the skin from the inside that can be observed from the outside. Many factors that cause these signals can be prevented. Understanding the internal and external factors that cause changes in the structure and function of the skin. It will help us to choose the right skin care products that solve specific problems.

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How are signs of aging skin noticeable?


The first sign of aging skin is wrinkles. that began to form from the age of 25 onwards, occurring at various points on the face and is most easily noticeable. It will start as a thin streak first, the point that is often easily noticeable is around the corner of the eye. Or as we call that crow’s feet. In addition, the girls Some people may notice wrinkles on their cheeks or forehead. that is usually more noticeable when we show different facial expressions. As time goes on, the scars become more and more clear and deep. Wrinkles around the corners of the mouth that descend from the alar nostrils are often associated with loss of skin volume.

loss of skin cell volume

Sometimes a loss of skin cell volume can be observed on sagging skin. no contour Loss of volume makes the face look saggy and sad. The face shape changes from a slender V shape face to a frown that looks more like a U.

loss of skin cell density

When a woman enters the golden age The loss of skin cell density will begin to be noticeable as the skin appears thinner and weaker. Loss of skin density affects the skin all over the face. This is different from wrinkles or sagging of the face that occur only at specific points.

Causes and provoking factors

Aging skin is often not the only cause. Understanding the causes and factors It will help us to prevent premature skin aging effectively.

Wrinkles occur in all skin layers.

Aging skin changes Occurs in all 3 layers of the skin

The cuticle layer when getting older Skin cell turnover begins to slow down and the body produces less fat. Makes the skin look dry. In addition, the skin is also sensitive to sunlight. very special UV Can’t heal itself easily and quickly like young skin. More sensitive than ever

The dermis is composed of collagen and elastic fiber that give elasticity to the skin. But with age, the body can produce less collagen, about 1% per year, causing the skin’s elasticity and quality to decrease. The skin is sagging and wrinkles appear.

The layer under the dermis or the fat layer, which is the layer that helps to enhance the shape of the face to maintain its shape well. But as the age increases This layer of fat decreases in density. causing the skin to sag clearly Therefore, it can be noticed that the face part will sag down, making the V shape face become U shape and making the wrinkles appear deeper than before.

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