Environment News India – What’s New in India?

Are you aware of the latest Environment News in India? These stories will help you make informed decisions in an increasingly concerned world. The country is home to diverse ecologies and long coastlines, but also vast semi-arid regions that have become hotspots for climate change. Global warming has already led to more frequent cyclones, faster melting glaciers, and heatwaves. Many cities have been drowned due to climate change-related flooding.

In 2018, the Indian government amended the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification (EIA) to make it easier for industrial projects to gain permission. But most of the amendments simply dilute existing environmental safeguards. The draft EIA Notification of 2020 was already in the news when the year started. It has been amended more than 330 times since then, and is still incomplete, resulting in less strict environmental protection. In the meantime, almost all industrial projects in India are required to obtain prior environmental clearance.

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