Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Choosing An Access Security System

An access security system is one of the most essential elements of a complete security solution. However, choosing one isn’t as simple as looking at various options and opting for the cheapest one.

There is a lot more to an access system than just a few fancy sounding technologies. Most people don’t really know much about the jargon thrown around in the security industry and the presence of so many solutions from so many vendors has made things a little murkier.

Since not all access security solutions are created equal, here’s a list of the most common mistakes you should avoid when choosing an access control system for your business:

1. Focusing too much on bells and whistles

As discussed earlier, there are so many solutions out there that companies selling these solutions have gone out of their way to differentiate their offerings and that has led to a general proliferation of jargon that doesn’t really matter.

When you are researching systems, keep your focus on the core features. Bells and whistles are great and may help you a bit but if the core security solution isn’t up to the mark, you won’t get good value for your money.

This is why you should brainstorm with your team and come up with a bunch of questions covering your core requirements. It will help you in separating good systems from the rest.

2. Not testing the system

Everyone likes to hype up their offerings and the security industry isn’t that different. The specifications or features mentioned on those glossy brochures may sound nice but when it comes to real world applications, you want to experience it personally before spending a huge amount of money on those features.

A common mistake made by businesses when choosing a security solution is blindly trusting the feature set described by the salesperson without personally testing it out. Make sure you test out all the features before choosing a particular solution to avoid disappointment.

3. Data availability

If you are investing in an access security solution, you would want to get a bunch of data that should not only help you keep your premises secure but also provide actionable insights to market your business better.

Keep in mind that some systems are really good at security but they struggle when it comes to getting actionable insights or actionable reports. This is why you need to clearly ask about the type of reports/data you will be able to get from the system and how that can be useful for your business.

4. Scalable solution

If you are happy with the feature set of a particular security solution, you should make sure that it is a scalable solution. For example, you wouldn’t want to start from scratch if you open up new locations or add more space to your business. The system should be scalable.

5. Easy to use

All access security solutions need some kind of training for the staff members. While most reputed companies put emphasis on user experience, you should make sure that it won’t take long for your staff members to learn how to operate the system toonily.

Final Thoughts

An access security solution is an important investment for your business. It costs a good amount of money. Good solutions not only help you keep your business secure but also provide actionable insights on marketing your business. You should keep your eyes open and research several solutions to choose a solution that is scalable, easy to use and is backed by a reputed company with several years of experience in the industry.

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