5 Reasons Why You Need a Door Bug Screen This Summer

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues, warm nights cuddling by the fire making smores, ice cream sundaes, and –ew– itchy bugbites. You use bug spray and light your citronella candles; but, those pesky mosquitos still somehow find a way inside your home. It’s one thing to avoid these pesky insects outside and entirely another, and more aggravating, problem when they find their way inside your house. With the quick and easy addition of a  door bug screen you can keep those nasty bugs outside where they belong.

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1. Shields Home From Pests

Opening and closing the door all summer long to access your backyard allows mosquitos, flys, and gnats to sneak in behind you. Then you have to spend time running around the kitchen with a fly swatter trying to get them all out. Not to mention the aggravation of the bigbites from mosquitoes which keep you up at night with their incessant itching. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

No more. The simple addition of a door bug screen allows you to enjoy everything summer has to offer without having to keep your doors closed. The durable mesh screen is strong enough to keep pests out while also being fine enough to allow in a fresh breeze. Let the kids play outside, watch them through the fine mesh of the door bug screen, and keep the mosquitos out in the garden.

2. Heavy Duty Magnets Keep Door Bug Screen Sealed

Traditional screen doors still open and close; they either slide or swing open. This leaves too much room for bugs to creep into your home. Also, it leaves room for human error. As your kids run in and out of the house to play outside they may forget to slide the screen all the way closed. Next thing you know your living room is full of mosquitos. Yuck!

Flux Phenom’s magnetic door bug screen has 26 heavy duty magnets down the center which automatically seal the screen anytime someone walks through. Since these screens are 100% hands free your kids and pets can run in and out of the house all summer long to their heart’s content; while your durable bug door screen keeps unwanted pests out.

3. Durable Enough Last

No need to take your bug door screen down at the end of the season. Flux Phenom’s high quality design makes it durable enough to stay secure year round. The reinforced edges keep this screen sealed to the doorway and the magnets will hold tight. You may not use the screen in winter months; but, there is no need to change out the door every season. Simply leave it up and have it ready to go next summer.

The mesh that makes up the interior part of the door bug screen is fine enough to enjoy the summer air and view of the backyard through, while also being strong enough to take the daily wear and tear of a busy household. Traditional screens can get damaged quickly from pet activity. Pets can use this screen to get in and out of the house all on their own with the bug screen door. Now, you won’t have to worry about them constantly clawing at the screen to get outside. Plus, the mesh on the Flux Phenom door bug screen has a higher thread count than the competition so even those little gnats won’t be able to sneak through.

4. Quick and Easy to Install

This bug door screen literally couldn’t be any easier to set up. It fits any doorway 38x82in or less. If your doorway is smaller Flux Phenom includes easy to follow instructions on how to quickly resize so it’s the perfect fit. Once you have it ready to go simply lay flat and make sure all 26 magnets are shut tight. Then use the hook and loop closures, thumb tacks, nails, or a staple gun to secure the door bug screen into your doorway. Yes, it’s actually that easy to upgrade your home with a hands free screen.

5. Affordable

The best part? The simple upgrade of a door bug screen from Flux Phenom won’t break the break. This product is currently on sale for only $20, even the normal price of $31.95 is a steal. No need to invest in expensive sliding screen doors that could cost up to $500 and still let nasty bugs into your home. With a product this affordable you could add one to multiple doors in your home! If your family uses an RV to camp during summer months a door bug screen is the perfect way to keep mosquitos out of your sleeping area.

No matter how you spend your summer a door bug screen will let you enjoy all the good parts and keep the irritating mosquitos outside where they belong.

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