3 Different Types of Sexual Harassments at Workplaces to Watch Out for

Not long ago, it was not only common for sexual harassment to occur at work but relatively easy to spot. From men in office kitchens leeringly ogling secretaries and store clerks in front of their colleagues to women being belittled once they began working out at the gym or wearing more fashionable outfits than their male colleagues, sexual harassment is a more visible form of workplace discrimination that make headlines on a regular basis.

The Supreme Court of the United States has clearly defined, sexual harassment as unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances at work. In fact, the worse the advance is, the more offensive it seems to the employee whose rights are being trampled upon, and the more severe consequences can be. If you are being a victim of sexual harassment at work, you better not be reluctant to talk to a San Antonio sexual harassment lawyer and understand how to legally claim your individual rights.

We will now see into three different types of sexual harassment at workplaces to watch out for.

  • Verbal or written

The most common type of sexual harassment at work includes the most obvious forms, verbal and written. Not just lewd conversations and jokes, but also the use of inappropriate language, body language, and gestures. In addition, depending upon the level of pervasiveness and frequency, this form of sexual harassment can include sexually explicit comments or cartoons posted as “artwork” on office walls and refrigerator doors. Not to mention, a constant barrage of mean-spirited comments about an employee’s looks or personal life is also not any rare.

  • Physical

Physical sexual harassment at work is slightly rarer but can be just as disturbing as verbal harassment. From a sexist boss cornering an employee for a kiss to the unwanted touching of the buttocks or breasts, physical harassment can include anything from inappropriate touching to rape. Physical harassment can also range from subtle to aggressive, even violent. It is usually accompanied by degrading comments or threats.

  • Visual

Visual sexual harassment at work is also very rare, but can be as upsetting as the other two types. This form of sexual harassment includes anything from leering. While it might not involve actual touching, it includes depictions of a person’s body in a sexually explicit manner and a sexualized environment, such as demeaning desktop wallpapers and posters or sexist cartoons posted on office doorways or cubicles mytoptweets.

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